Conference Venue Finder : Tips on Finding the Perfect Venue

Hosting an event is a crucial time for any business. As a PA, the pressure is not so much on to ensure people attend, rather that people are impressed by your choice of venue. The answer to always having the perfect venue is to use the services of professionals like Jarvis Woodhouse. We provide a conference venue finder and event finding service for PA’s and directors that is second to none. Not all venues suit everyone; otherwise everything would be too easy. Read on to find out more about the art of event finding, and why leaving the job to the experts are recommended. Here at Jarvis Woodhouse we have what it takes to ensure your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

Conference Venue Finder : Location, Location, Location

Just like location can be the key to selling your property, location can also be the key to the success of your event. A location needs to be easy to find, with good parking, and it needs to be in an area of high reputation. No matter how good a venue looks from the inside, if it is surrounded by dilapidated buildings, you will give the wrong impression to those who attend.

Your location should be well sign-posted and easy to find. There is nothing worse than delegates getting lost and arriving half way through your welcome speeches. When searching for an event that will be welcoming delegates from far and wide, location near to motorway junctions are an excellent choice. Although a hotel by the side of a motorway may not seem appealing to you as a director, the correct facilities at the venue and plenty of parking will ensure everyone finds your event on time.

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Conference Venue Finder : Sticking to your Budget

When you choose an event planning service like ours, sticking to budget won’t be a problem you will have to deal with personally.  Sticking to a budget can be challenging, and the venue will normally be the largest expense of your event. A venue package will cut down on overall expenditure. Your package could include catering, meeting rooms, visuals and audios, and other technology. When everything you need is included in one package, you will save substantial amount on the overall cost of your venue.

Conference Venue Finder : Time of Day to Visit your Venue

If you wish to visit venues that you may be using, then the best time to visit is an hour or so before sunset. This means you will be able to visualise your venue in daytime and nighttime conditions. Some venues come to life after dark; others look dark, dingy, and uninviting. If you choose to visit in the morning, at rush hour time, you will also get a feel for how congested the traffic may be for people arriving by car. Although the UK weather is often unkind, visiting a venue in the rain can be off-putting. If the day you choose to visit is a grey day, try to look past the colour of the sky and concentrate on what the venue itself has to offer.

Outdoor Conferences

If you are holding a conference or venue in the summertime, then an outdoor venue could be just what you need to make your conference a real success. No one likes to be inside a stuffy building when the weather outside is nice. A lunch on the patio is an excellent way to get your guests into the mood to purchase from you or sign up to your brand. Make sure that the surrounding area is not too noisy is important for outdoor events. Also, a plan B is necessary, whatever the weather man says. Your outdoor venue needs enough interior room for if the weather does take a turn for the worst.

Conference Venue Finder : Meeting Spaces

Jarvis Woodhouse have years of combined expertise in finding the very best venue for your conference or meeting. We take into consideration all your needs, such as your requirement for meeting space. Meeting space needs to be roomy, and big enough to conduct any activities you may have on the agenda.

Lastly, your venue needs to be relevant to your event. If you are hosting an evening of wining and dining, then a sports hall is out of the question.  A sports hall is however the perfect venue for a company that is sports-related.  For business networking, a casual surrounding such as a roof top bar could work a treat. If your business is all about fun, then host your event at a theme park or someone bright and friendly.

Some venues are all-purpose, these including venues that are chosen purely for location. Barns come under this category. These can be rented for a whole range of occasions and decorated accordingly. Remember, the appropriate venue will sell your event for you!  So, choose a professional venue finding service to ensure the success of your next conference or directors and delegates meeting.



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