Royal Ascot Information : The Launch of AscotBet for 2018

For avid horse racing fans, there is important Royal Ascot information for 2018. Tickets will go on sale in September for next year’s event. But this is not the only exciting news there is. For 2018, Ascot racecourse will be launching its new pool betting operation, AscotBet. If you love Ascot, and visit the races each year, then this news will give you something more to think about than just which hospitality option to choose for your viewing.

The contract with Totepool will end in July of next year, the new liberalised market allowing each racecourse to manage their own operation. The decision by the Ascot Board was made over the past 18 months, the team of experts concluding that the best way to deliver what the customer needs and expect is to launch AscotBet, which will continue to be supported by Totepool’s existing system.

Royal Ascot Information : Off Course Business

royal ascot information

AscoBet will drive innovation on course, and together with Totepool, will also develop off course business on Ascot’s races. Exciting new bets will be introduced. In 2018, customers will also be able to bring their own devices to the race. This roll out of bring your own tote technology devices is exciting news for avid race fans. Flexibetting is also due to be introduced in the near future.

To ensure maximum liquidity, AscotBet and Totepool will continue to explore further collaborations with betting operators around the globe. With an annual average of around 600,000 racegoers, the priority of AscotBet is to provide a premium betting service. Of the 600,000 racegoers, around half will visit Ascot for the full five days. During this time, over 1.5 million bets will be placed.

Off course customers will also be able to place their bets via the Tote Direct service. This service is offered in the majority of high street betting shops as well as via remote online channels. The partnership with Totepool will provide an excellent quality of betting service remotely, allowing Royal Ascot to continue with it’s excellent and unprecedented reputation.

Royal Ascot is of course not just about placing bets. It’s about the atmosphere, and the history of the event. Top on the social calendar for many in the UK, Royal Ascot provides a place to meet and rub shoulders with influential people as well as possible future business associated.

To ensure that your time at Ascot is used to the full, choose hospitality packages that will allow you to view in comfort and mingle with the stars. With the best seating, wining and dining, and accommodation near the course, booking a hospitality package for Ascot 2018 will ensure you are not disappointed in any way. Royal Ascot is a staple in the social events calendar in the UK. As well as choosing your hospitality package well in advance, choose your outfit for your time at the races. With a strict dress code in place, choose to hire or buy your outfit for 2018. Separate dress codes apply to the different enclosures; so ensure you are dressed to impress.


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