Royal Ascot VIP Hospitality Options : The Silks Lawn

Royal Ascot VIP hospitality options allow you to watch you favourite sport in true style. If you are traveling to Ascot next year, then book your hospitality options and VIP packages well in advance to avoid disappointment. Below is a look at why you should choose the Silks Lawn for the ultimate in Royal Ascot VIP hospitality, and what’s included in the price.

The Silks Lawn at Ascot comprise a suite of private gazebos. In true British style, each has their own picket-fence garden. The Silks Lawn couldn’t be any better situated. Right at the heart of the trackside, the suites are an upgrade option to the Queen Anne Enclosure that cater for groups of up to 50 people.

royal ascot vip hospitality

Royal Ascot VIP Hospitality : Private Viewing at It’s Best

The Silks Lawn provides guests with an area of their own to relax and watch the race. A dedicated pay bar ensures you won’t go thirsty, and with a vantage point that overlooks the finishing straight there is nowhere better from which to watch the action unfold. Choose food packages to enhance your Silks Lawn experience. On Saturday of the race weekend, smaller groups can enjoy the lawn as a shared facilities, with prices per racegoer of under 150 pounds.

The Silks Lawn is all about VIP hospitality at its best. Hire a double lawn for larger groups, available on request.Your enclosed garden will directly overlook the action, and complete with outdoor furniture, you couldn’t really get more British than at the Silks Lawn. Pre-order your food options, and arrange the type of drinks you require from your private gazebo bar.

Just a short stroll from your gazebo you will find the bandstand and the winner’s enclosure. All facilities at the Grandstand can be enjoyed by ticket holders of the Silks Lawn. A private gazebo for up to 50 guests measures 5m squared, your company name signage being included at your request. What better place than to market your business while have some serious fun?

The Silks Lawn is the perfect way to enhance your Ascot experience this coming year. Whether your party is large enough to hire a private gazebo, or you wish to opt for a shared option on the Saturday of the race weekend, you will be guaranteed a day at the races to remember. The atmosphere at the Silks is relaxed and truly British, the garden style gazebos providing an outdoor viewing option with adequate shading from the sun.

If you love Ascot and are looking for a day at the races to remember, then choose a shared gazebo as your VIP hospitality option. For large groups, book your gazebo well in advance to avoid disappointment, and plan your networking in advance. With the chance to advertise your brand at your very own gazebo, your weekend at the races could transform into a truly life-changing experience of meets and greets, and the chance to really promote you and what you do.


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