Sports Hospitality


sports hospitalityJarvis Woodhouse Events have years of experience in the entertaining business. Sports hospitality is just one area that we excel at. We can find the best opportunity for you and your organisation. We will work with your budget, providing you and your clients with a sports hospitality package that fits like a glove. Choose hospitality packages from Jarvis Woodhouse Events for:

  • Silverstone Grand Prix
  • Premiership Football
  • Rugby Internationals
  • Cheltenham National Hunt Festival
  • Chester Races
  • Boodles Tennis Championships
  • Tennis (Wimbledon and Queens)
  • Henley Regatta
  • Cricket

Jarvis Woodhouse Events: Sports Hospitality Packages Made Especially for You

Jarvis Woodhouse Events is different from other sports hospitality companies. We tailor-make our packages to suit your individual needs. Whether you require Long Boxes or Platinum Marquees for Cheltenham, or are interested in the Drivers Club at Silverstone this year, we are here to ensure that not even the smallest detail is left out. With years of experience in corporate hospitality sporting events, we have the knowledge to ensure your package is perfect for you in every way.

If you are looking for experts in sports corporate hospitality, we highly recommend you contact Jarvis Woodhouse Events today. We offer an impressive range of sports hospitality group packages for all major UK events. This year, let Jarvis Woodhouse Events take you to the British Grand Prix. Choose from The VIP Drivers Club, Brooklands, the Silverstone Six, and Hangar Straight for your Grand Prix viewing. We know the race track at Silverstone inside out. We offer the best viewing options, the best comfort, and the best style for your Grand Prix Weekend. 

Let Jarvis Woodhouse Events arrange your sports viewing. We know how important it is to get the best view at the races. How you cannot possibly miss a second of your favourite race. We can provide you with the best seating options, suggestions for the best accommodation, and ensure your sports experience is one to remember. We can adapt our sports packages to suit you. From small group booking to large corporate events, we offer the best prices, best viewing, and the most flexibility on sporting hospitality packages.