Goodwood Revival Dress Hire : Buying vs Renting your Costume

Goodwood Revival dress hire is more and more popular with each year. Outfits for hire are reserved well before the 3 day event. So, should you hire a period dress for the event or should your rent? Below is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both hiring and buying your period outfit. Looking your best for Goodwood is essential and booking hospitality options will ensure you get the very best viewing, dining, and more.

Goodwood Revival Dress Hire : Renting your Outfit

There are some obvious advantages to renting an outfit for Goodwood this year. Vintage costume hire provides you with a wide range of costumes at affordable prices that you can take back at the end of the event. Perhaps you want to dress army style? Or maybe you prefer the more elegant Marilyn Monroe look. Whatever the look is you are after, visiting a vintage dress shop that rents and sells costumes is where you need to be heading.

Renting an outfit means that you don’t have the additional expense of putting together and buying your outfit, but it also means that you will have to part with an outfit you may have fell in love with after the weekend. If you intend to attend Goodwood Revival every year, then it may make sense to buy and not rent. The practicalities are that you will need to rent more than one dress or outfit. The revival lasts 3 days, so wearing the same clothes for 3 days is not the most practical solution.

goodwood revival dress hire

Hiring your outfit is a good option if you don’t usually wear vintage clothes and have little experience shopping for them. If you are opposed to renting as your outfit will not be new then you also have to realise that the vast majority of clothes in vintage stores are not new at all!  So, unless you want the added expense of getting a traditional tailor to make your outfit from scratch from vintage cloths such as tweed you will need to resign yourself to the fact that your outfit will not be new.

Goodwood Revival Dress Hire : Buying an Outfit

If you are a keen Goodwood visitor and will be going for many years to come, buying a few vintage outfits makes sense. If you shop out of season in vintage clothing stores you will be able to pick up some bargains that may well be cheaper than the price of hiring a couple of outfits and dresses for the weekend. Remember that when you shop in vintage stores you will be able to pick up not just a dress but also accessories such as vintage jewelry, a hat, and some classy vintage shoes.

The ultimate for Goodwood Revival is to have your outfit made to measure by a traditional seamstress. This is undoubtedly the most expensive option too, but if you love Goodwood and will be visiting for many years to come you will be able to wear your outfit more than once. Alternatively, when you fancy a change, you can sell your outfit to avid Goodwood fans or even exchange it for something that you like more!

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